You Can’t Take It With You

Winner of the 1937 Pulitzer Prize for Drama and adapted into an Oscar-winning film, You Can’t Take It With You introduces us to the Vanderhofs, a lovable but slightly batty family in New York City. Young Alice has fallen in love with Tony Kirby, a straight-laced businessman, but she’s terrified to take him home to meet her crazy family. can she convince her family to be “normal” enough to impress Tony, and can he see through their slight insanity to the warm hearts that lie beneath?

* This show is being done in repertory with You Can’t Take It With You
* What is repertory?


Grandpa Vanderhof – Bob Deyo

Penny Sycamore – Tracy Waldhart

Paul Sycamore – Jim Johnson

Essie Carmichael – Susan Johnson

Ed Carmichael – David Neese

Alice Sycamore – Jennifer Wunderlin

Tony Kirby, Jr. – Timmy Wiverstad

Rheba – Debra Stache

Donald – Eric Johnson

DePinna – Tiffany Bauer

Tony Kirby, Sr. – Steve Myers

Mrs Kirby/Grand Dutchess Olga – Char Koehler

Boris Kolenkhov – Mike Eberhardy

Henderson – Jim Wucherer

Gay Wellington – Tamara Poole

The Man – Cody Gornall

Mac/Third Man – Bob Weber


Production Staff

Director: Michael Licata

Stage Manager: Keith Rooker

Set Design: Eric Rautmann

Construction & Paint Crew: Phil Zimmermann, Savannah Lewis, Eric Rautmann, Nan Gibson, Kathy M. Schafer, Pamela Holmer, Dennis Holmer,Dustin Holmer, Jacob Holmer, Cody Ruppel, Allen Becker, Maria Gosz, Dorothy Block, Lloyd Reilley, Jim Wucherer, Michael Roehl, Shari Roehl, Andi Roehl, Craig Maratik

Costume Designer: Bev Dulmes

Crew: Bev Dulmes, Jan Remling, Cheryl Feld, Janelle Bowe, Beth Wynveen, MaryJo Beniger, Pynne Christie, Ben Gartmann, Lisa Tanck

Co-Master Carpenter: Phil Zimmermann, Savannah Lewis

Lighting Designer: Pat Smith

Properties/ Run Crew: Jackie Blindauer, Nan Gibson

Crew: Jackie Blindauer, Nan Gibson, Alex Blindauer, Stacey Cheney, Lisa Masbruch, Melissa O’Connell, Tina Thurs, Phil Zimmermann, Audrey Waitkus,Mandy Radloff

Hair & Make-up Designer: Cathy Perronne

Program Design & Layout: Kirt Graves, Erik Tanck