Velveteen Rabbit

The Velveteen Rabbit is an emotional journey through time, as told through the eyes of a young man looking back on his childhood. By reliving the relationship between his 4-year-old self and his favorite toy, the velveteen rabbit, he rediscovers the true meaning of friendship. Central to the story is, of course, the velveteen rabbit, who is introduced to the idea of becoming real by the old rocking horse. The play explores the rewards of loyalty, the poignancy of loss, and the wonderful, surprising powers of love.


Older Steve – William E. Coldren

Younger Steve – James Schaus

Ben – Mike Hanlon

Velveteen Rabbit – Cathy Perronne

Boat – Alison Loewen

Train – Lynne Maffongelli

Rocking Horse – Lynn Rybicki

Wild Rabbits – Diana Fleming, Wendy Riemann

Magic Fairy – Emilie A. Gehrke

Production Staff

Director: Ralph Maffongelli

Set & Light Design: Marty Kooi

Costume Design: Janice Robichaud

Master Electrician: Andrew Kowalski

Sound Design: Todd Jaeger

Properties: Lorraine Selinski

Make-Up Design: Pam Rutherford

Master Carpenter: Charles Rhode

Paint Master: Peter Moody