Three Men On A Horse

Erwin Trowbridge sometimes chafes at suburban life, and at his rather uninspiring job of writing greeting card slogans for a boss who pays small wages. One day Erwin, fed up with his wife and brother-in-law, instead of going to the office, makes his way to a saloon, determined to declare his independence of home and business. There he falls in with two men and a girl whose “profession” is betting on the horses. Now Erwin’s hobby is “doping” out the races and he becomes fabulously rich—on paper. He picks the right horses, but never once places a bet. He tells his new friends what horses to bet on, and to their astonishment, they win. Erwin will prove a gold mine if properly managed, and the three professionals decide to hold onto him for dear life. Though Erwin has misgivings, he is persuaded to remain with his new-found friends at a hotel and regularly dope out the races. But he becomes increasingly concerned about his job (which does really suit him) and his wife (who does really love him). Matters with Erwin and his companions come to a climax when one of them suspects him of double-crossing, and he insists on Erwin’s betting on a horse to prove that he is straight. Erwin declares he will lose his power if he bets, and this is indeed what happens. Erwin’s boss, wife and brother-in-law become worried, until they learn he is really interested in what he considers his life-work, the writing of verses. Erwin turns down an offer by an outside gambler who wants to buy a “slice” of him; he knows he will never again be able to pick winning horses; the poet in him predominates, and he is happy to return home to his loving wife.


Audrey Trowbridge – Jeanne Weiskopf

The Tailor – Peter Moody

Erwin Trowbridge – Robert Abbey

Clarence Dobbins – Francis DeReus

Delivery Boy – Robert Arenz

Harry – Alfred Grube

Charlie – Edwin R. Berg

Frankie – William J. Ballhorn

Patsy – Roger T. Fischer

Mabel – Karin Schreiber

Fred – Joel Weeden

Gloria – Rosemary Abts

Al – Harold Kumbier

Hotel Maid – Mary Kleefisch

Mr. Carver – Jacob Fessler


Production Staff

Director: David C. Bryant

Assistant Director: Jill Roth

Set Design: John Brick

Stage Manager: Peter Moody

Assistant Stage Manager: Robert Kuehlmann, Louis Stuemke

Production Manager: Don Zastrow

Technical Manager: Henry Weinberger Jr.

Technical Director: John Brick

Costume Design Committee Chariman: Ruth Whinfield

Costume & Wardrobe Mistress: Marcella Held

Master Electrician: Roland K. Lorenz

Properties: Pearl Haartman

Make-Up Master: Arno Roehl

Co-Chairman: Carol Schmidt

Master Carpenter: Chester Hurtienne

Paint Master: Chester Hurtienne

Cover Art: Roger Lahm