The Visit

A wealthy woman returns to her debt ridden home town and offers a sum greater than they have ever imagined to help out. But there is a condition: she wants the life of a villager who years ago had caused her to be expelled from town in disgrace. Ringing denial of this absurd demand is followed by the gradual corruption of everyone in town. He is murdered and money is passed over his body to the town. The lady leaves with a fantastic entourage and with the coffin of her old lover.


Claire Zachanassian – Marjory Grube

Bobby – Jerome Langemak

Pedro – James Schulz

Max – Robert Kuehlmann

Mike – Royce Stolzmann

First Blind Man – N. Peter Braun

Second Blind Man – William Holtz

Anton Schill – Kenneth Benson

Frau Schill – Marilyn Chopp

The Son – Dan Wilhelm

The Daughter – Karen Whitman

The Burgomaster – Michael Moody

The Pastor – Robert Siebelink

The Teacher – Michael Spangler

The Doctor – Paul Skinner

The Policeman – Herbert Humke, Jr.

The Painter – Richard Fickau

The First Man – John Stroo, Jr.

The Second Man – Norman Van Groll

The Third Man – Gene Stangel

The Fourth Man – Howard Jerving

The First Woman – JoAnn Bennett

The Second Woman/ Frau Burgomaster – Isabelle Whiffen

The Two Grandchildren – Lauren Grube, Lisa Grube

The Station Master – Charles Zahnow

The Conductor – Edward Menz

The Reporter – Isabelle Whiffen

The Radio Reporter – N. Peter Braun

The Truck Driver – Howard Jerving

The Athletes – James Decko, Al Udovich, Leonard Udovich

The Delivery Man – Gene Stangel

Production Staff

Director: David C. Bryant

Designed by: Wayne Jung

Stage Manager: Dan Wilhelm

Assistant Stage Manager: Suzanne Richards

Stage Management Chairman: Micheal L. Richdorf

Vocal Coach: Fern Sherman

Technical Manager: Henry Weinberger Jr.

Technical Director: John Brick

Costume Mistress: Marcella Held

Costume Coordinator: Ruth Whinfield

Mrs. Grube’s Costumes designed & executed by Ruth Whinfield & Mary Vinson

Master Electrician: Roland K. Lorenz

Assistants: James Erdmann, Karl Winkler

Sound: Joe Ayers

Properties: Lilly Roehl, Carole Schmitt

Make-Up Master: Arno Roehl

Co-Chairman: Robert Larson

Prompter: Elaine Jerving

Master Carpenter: Chester Hurtienne

Paint Master: Wayne Jung

Cover Art: Roger Lahm