The Trial of Tom Sawyer

Here is a fresh dramatization of Mark Twain’s beloved tale of Tom Sawyer. As the title suggests, the play dramatically focuses on the inner conflict of Tom during one long summer ago. In a warm season of ripening, the boy proves his manhood and the man (played by a narrator of Mark Twain) relives his boyhood. Tom moves through the whitewash enterprise of work and play, the school whipping, establishing his bravery in the young world, the graveyard murder and the climactic trial which tests his courage in the old world of life and death itself. Along the way is the escape into the play world of Jackson Island and the happiest funeral in all literature as the “drowned” listen to their own eulogies.


Mark Twain – Joe Milicia

Tom Sawyer – Curt Schneider

Aunt Polly – Arletta Giese

Alfred Temple – Jon Schumacher

Sid Sawyer – Evan Dodds

Ben Rogers – Paul Schenk

Huckleberry Finn – Tabb Patz

The Rev. Mr. Sprague – J. Bruckner

Becky Thatcher – Jennifer Morgan

Susan Harper – Laura Ridenour

Gracie Miller – Vanessa Roskosch

Doc Robinson – Alan R. Dodds

Injun Joe – Kevin C. Horne

Muff Potter – Terry W. Kath

Mrs. Harper – Kerri Rank

Lawyer Lawsson – Dale Pierce

Production Staff

Director: Jean Deltgen

Set Design: Bernard J. Markevitch

Light Design: Scott Heck

Technical Assistants: Justin D. Deehr, Judy Kliejunas, Cindy Krolnik, Julie Leuteweger, Ramona Maala, Joyce Nery, Ken Rohde, Jane Sukowaty