The Skin of Our Teeth

Meet George and Maggie Antrobus of Excelsior, New Jersey, a suburban, commuter-town couple (married for 5,000 years), who bear more than a casual resemblance to that first husband and wife, Adam and Eve: the two Antrobus children, Gladys (perfect in every way, of course) and Henry (who likes to throw rocks and was formerly known as Cain); and their garrulous maid, Sabina (the eternal seductress), who takes it upon herself to break out of character and interrupt the course of the drama at every opportunity (“I don’t understand a word of this play!”)

Whether he is inventing the alphabet or merely saving the world from apocalypse, George and his redoubtable family somehow manage to survive–by the skin of their teeth.

Completed by the author less than a month after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, THE SKIN OF OUR TEETH (1942) broke from established theatrical conventions and walked off with the 1943 Pulitzer Prize for Drama. Combining farce, burlesque, and satire, and elements of the comic strip, Thornton Wilder depicts an Everyman Family as it narrowly escapes one end-of-the-world disaster after another, from the Ice Age to flood to war.


Newscaster – Kevin Zimmermann

Sabina – Virginia Stillwell

Mr. Fitzpatrick – Dick Pool

Mrs. Antrobus – Marilyn Zimmermann

Dinosaur – Jodine Hoegger

Mammouth – Lisa Colbert

Telegraph Boy – Arved Ashby

Gladys – Wendy Scattergood

Henry – Rick Mueller

Mr. Antrobus – Jerry Colbert

Refugees – Ruth Hayward, Jean Deltgen, Tom Kilton, Steve Schlehlein, Kenneth Bailey, Dave Rice, Tim Adrianson, Bob Bales, Starr Margenau, Mary Jo Snedaker, Deborah Weichmann

Esmerelda – Jean Bryant

Conveeners – Jeff Barth, Jon Bauer, Lisa Glaser, Lori Guske, Jodine Hoegger, Cheryl Peasche, Elaine Jones, Carolyn Pointer, Pam Utech, Michelle Udovich, Deborah Weichmann, Gail Zastrow, Stuart Horwitz, Mary Keen, Debbie Jones, Reid Snedaker, Bill Levezow, John Muehlenberg, Pat Davis, Sue Sanville

Mr. Tremayne – Peter Moody

Costume Mistress – Pat VonRautenkranz

Fred Bailey – Harris Douma

Ivy – Diane Gillig

Production Staff

Director/ Designer: David W. Keyte

Music Director: Kathleen MacGregor

Technical Manager: Henry Weinberger Jr.

Stage Managers: Steve Schlehlein, Mark Tellen

Movement Consultant: Jan Kilton

Costume Design: Pat VonRautenkranz

Light Design: Don Zastrow, Don Moos

Sound Design: Kevin Zimmermann

Properties: Betty Segor

Co-Chairmen: Pearl Haartman, Mary Montgomery

Make-Up Design: Mary Braun, Nancy Spalinger

Master Carpenters: Walter Weimann, Ludwig Johst, Robert Gaurkee

Paint Master: Pal Scahill

Cover Art: Roger Lahm

Production Photographer: Rick Gustafson