The Man In The Dog Suit

Oliver is being groomed by his in-laws for a position in the family business: banking. Shy and ineffectual under ordinary circumstances, Oliver discovers that he can be bold and independent when wearing the dog costume he had acquired for a masquerade ball. Donning it on the proper occasions, he can even outface his in-laws. They, in turn, are appalled at the thought of Oliver’s wearing the dog suit in public. When he wears it to work at the bank he’s told he must choose between the dog suit and his job. To his delight, he discovers that his wife is as bored with their stuffy life as he is, and they suddenly decide to head for the great woods of Oregon, where Oliver can pursue his dream of being a tree surgeon. The in-laws are shocked, except for one: As Oliver leaves, his brother-in-law takes over the dog suit, and another hilarious rebellion is apparently on its way.


Martha Walling – Judith Ann Speer

Oliver Walling – M. Robert Connors

Letty Gaxton – Jacquie Thorson

Henry Gaxton – William Blanchard

George Stoddard – Robert Siebelink

Eileen Stoddard – Karin Schreiber

Mrs. Louisa Stoddard – Bette Smith

Stewart Stoddard – Roger Deeley

Anthony Roberti – Dan Wilhelm

Mr. Beal – Arno Roehl

Production Staff

Director: David C. Bryant

Designed by: Roger Lahm

Stage Manager: Michael Moody

Stage Management Chairman: Michael L. Richdorf

Technical Manager: Henry Weinberger Jr.

Technical Director: John Brick

Costume Mistress: Marcella Held

Master Electrician: Roland K. Lorenz

Properties: Lilly Roehl, Carole Schmitt

Make-Up Master: Arno Roehl

Co-Chairman: Robert Larson

Prompter: Elaine Jerving

Master Carpenter: Chester Hurtienne

Paint Master: Roger Lahm

Cover Art: Roger Lahm