The King and I

East versus West makes for a dramatic, richly textured and ultimately uplifting tale of enormous fascination. It is 1862 in Siam when an English widow, Anna Leonowens, and her young son arrive at the Royal Palace in Bangkok, having been summoned by the King to serve as tutor to his many children and wives. The King is largely considered to be a barbarian by those in the West, and he seeks Anna’s assistance in changing his image, if not his ways. With both keeping a firm grip on their respective traditions and values, Anna and the King grow to understand and, eventually, respect one another, in a truly unique love story. Along with the dazzling score, the incomparable Jerome Robbins ballet, ‘The Small House of Uncle Thomas,’ is one of the all-time marvels of the musical stage.


Captain Orton – William E. Coldren

Louis Leonowens – Greg Gottsacker

Anna Leonowens – Nancy Rollag

The Interpreter – Michael Giuffre

The Kralahome – Patrick Kelly

The King – Peter Moody

Phra Alack – Steve Griffith

Lun Tha – Patrick T. Siebold

Tuptim – Michelle Skelton

Lady Thiang – Sandra Kasten

Prince Chululongkorn – Gary Heberlein

Sir Edward Ramsey – Dennis Robichaud

Princess Ying Yaowiak – Alyssa Seifert

King’s Wives – Jennifer Bickelhaupt, Heidi L. Bruns, Ellen Crow, Emilie A. Gehrke, Julie Held, Rebecca Kiefer, Cathy Perronne, Jennifer Picot, BeckyReinertson, Janice Robichaud, Pamela Rutherford, Ami Danae Seitz, Beth E. Tengowski,Linda Van Engen, Jill Zufelt

King’s Attendants – Don Held, Peter Kimball, Jack Lindow

Angel/ George – Steve Toepel

King’s Children – Heidi Anderson, Karen Anderson, Michael Anderson, Julianne Apthorpe, Naomi Bethel, Sarah Bruggink, Kesha Cantu, Nicole Chevrier, Melissa Coxey, Amy Freier, Taylor Gassner, Rebecca Gilman Anne Gottsacker, Molly Gottsacker, Peter M. Graening, Sarah Grams, Benjamin Griessmeyer, Bradley Hammett, Katie Hansen, Andrea M. Heimer, Veronica Hilke, Colin Huebner, Andrea Janey, Laurie Kretschmar, Andrea Kuether, Eileen M. McCormick, David W. McCoy, Katie Perronne, Heidi M. Sommersberger, Allison Stauber, Peggy Stroub, Rebecca L. Thomas, Courtney Toepel, Joel Tortomasi, Diana Turner, Laura Valenstein, Linda Wittrock

Production Staff

Director: Ralph Maffongelli

Set Design: Marty Kooi

Musical Director: Phillip Hestermann


Stage Manager: Jean Deltgen Enking

Asst. Stage Manager: Diane Sciarra

Choreographer Assistant: Pamela Rutherford

Costume Design: Janice Robichaud

Light Design: Don Zastrow

Master Electrician: Ron Bauman

Sound Design: Todd Jaeger

Properties: Mary Jane Krause

Crew Chiefs: Dave Cory, Randy Hytry

Make-Up Design: Cathy Perronne

Master Carpenter: Randy Hytry, Dave Krause

Paint Master: Nancy Ott, Marcia Ostermann

Cover Art: Bev Nowicki


Conductor/ Keyboards: Phillip Hesterman

Dec 13th -Matinee Conductor/Keyboards: Wayne Wildman

Trumpet: Terry Rose

Flute: Cathy Perronne

Percussion: Craig Schultz