The Full Monty

Adapted from the award-winning British film, Jerry and his buddies have been laid off of their steelworkers jobs in Buffalo; as they struggle with early middle age ( divorce, money, weight gain, hair loss), they notice how much their wives perked up when the Chippendales came to town- and come up with a hilarious and risky venture to win back their confidence, some money and their wive’s affections: they’ll become exotic dancers and deliver “the full monty!”

Rated PG-17


The cast stars Matthew Brulla as Jerry, Kirt Graves as Dave, Ty Westley as “Horse,” David Bourgeois as Harold, Levi Kohlmann as Ethan, and Jeremy Lee as Malcolm. The show co-stars Amanda Ellis as Pam, Kristi Hasenstein as Vicki, Michelle Bestul as Georgie, Sharon Quinn as Jeanette, and features Owen Denson as Nathan. In supporting roles and the ensemble, the cast is rounded out by Cody Gornall, Sean Lavallee, Cassandra Pawasarat, Logan VanderWyst, Sarah Huebner, Molly Dewane, Brian Prestley, Cody Wisman, Susan Johnson, and Tiffany Bauer.

Production Staff

Director / Choreographer – Stephen Santa

Music Director – James Mablin