The Dickens Christmas Carol Show

In fog-shrouded nineteenth century London, miser Ebenezer Scrooge shuts out Christmas, which he hates. But on Christmas Eve the fearful specter of his dead partner, Jacob Marley, heralds the arrival of the Spirits of Christmas Past, Present, and Future — and Scrooge begins a journey that finds him wonderfully changed by Christmas Day morning. This skillful adaptation brings all the well-loved characters and scenes to theatrical life — Bob Cratchit and his family (not forgetting Tiny Tim), the Fezziwigs and their famous Christmas Eve ball, Scrooge’s delightful nephew and niece, as well as the phantoms and underworld characters. Carols interweave the action from Scrooge’s schooldays to the terrible warning predictions of his future. The tree-lit party climax reaches out to involve the whole audience and cast a joyful celebration of the true meaning of Christmas


Photography by Steve Irish


Narrator – Mike Roehl

Evenezer Scrooge – Dirk Milsted

Bob Cratchit – Chris Fontaine

Fred Bennison – Robert J. Scheibl

Charitable Men – James Lammers, Bob Deyo

Peter Greenlaw – Clark R. Kirst

Jacob Marley – Jim Johnson

Ghost of Christmas Past – Veronica Hilke

Ben Scrooge – Luke Pallo

Fanny Scrooge – Kayla Hartlaub

Mr. Fezziwig – Bob Deyo

Emma Fezziwig – Susan Chambers Johnson

Ebenezer (apprentice) – Jon Cook

Young Belle – Chelsea Sagissor

Mature Belle Christopher – Susan Chambers Johnson

Gerry Christopher – Clark R. Kirst

Ghost of Christmas Present – Michael Eberhardy

Peter Cratchit – Jon Cook

Belinda Cratchit – Angela Landgraf

Martha Cratchit – Jen Ross

Emily Cratchit – Kayla Hartlaub

Tim Cratchit (Tiny Tim) – Hannah Shvartsman

Mrs. Cratchit – Tracie Wessels

Ignorance – Carly Cooper

Want – Mason Debbink

Ghost of Christmas to Come – Ben Johnson

Merchants – James Lammers, Bob Deyo

Joe Snatchly – Bill Coldren

Mrs. Dilber – Susan Chambers Johnson

Mrs. Gooley – Kim Coldren

Caroline Greenlaw – Chelsea Sagissor

Boy in the Street – Chase Matula

Mary Bennison – Erika Hermann

Phantoms/ Spirits/ Orphans and Party Guests – Amy Cooper, Anastasia Fontaine, Andi Roehl, Angela Landgraf, Ben Johnson, Bill Coldren, Bob Deyo, Carly Cooper, Chelsea Sagissor, Clark R. Kirst, Dustin Holmer, Ellena Pallo, Emily Scherer, Erika Hermann, Ethan Piper, Hannah Lehmann, James Lammers, Jardin Fontaine, Jayme Hansen, Jen Ross, Jessica Hartlaub, Joel Piper, Jon Cook, Kayla Harlaub, Kimmi Singer, Lex Eggert, Luke Pallo, Mackenzie Debbink, Mason Debbink, Melissa O’Connell, Molly Montgomery, Robert J. Scheibl, Shawn Lehmann, Sirena Eberhardy, Steven Thaves, Susan Chambers Johnson, Tracie Wessels

Production Staff

Director: Jerry Morrison

Musical Director: Janice Westphal

Choreographer: Veronica Hilke

Stage Manager: Shari Roehl

Production Manager: Dustin L. Uhl

Technical Supervisor: Peter Wojtowicz

Set and Light Design: Dustin L Uhl

Costume Design: Beverly Dulmes, Russell Franzen Jr.

Sound Design: Dave Steinmeyer

Properties: Nan Gibson, Jackie Blindauer

Make-Up Design: Christy Zimmerman, Karin Stroede, Julie Masbruch,

Master Carpenter: Lloyd Reilley

Paint Master: Joanna Brandt


Piano/ Keyboard: Janice Westphal

Recorder: Ken Wilhite

Oboe: Katie Henry

Cello: Erik Tanck

Violin: Karen Bruinooge

Flute: Casandra Palmer

Bells: Brian Koehl


Christmas Parade Float- Master Design: Don Held

Christmas Parade Float- Sound Master: Lee Schneider