The Curious Case of the Watson Intelligence



Watson: trusty sidekick to Sherlock Holmes; loyal engineer who built Bell’s first telephone; unstoppable super-computer that became reigning Jeopardy! champ; amiable techno-dweeb who, in the present day, is just looking for love.

These four constant companions become one in this brilliantly witty, time-jumping, loving tribute (and cautionary tale) dedicated to the people—and machines—upon which we all depend.

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Eliza, 30s Brilliant visionary programmer with a tumultuous love life. Plucky midcentury radio host. Victorian damsel in distress.
Merrick, 40s-50s  Bumbling modern politician. Brilliant Victorian inventor with a troubled love life.
Watson, 20s-60s A century’s worth of Watsons, determined to improve the lives of others:
Dr. Watson, sidekick to Sherlock Holmes. Thomas A. Watson, sidekick to Alexander Graham Bell (“Mr. Watson, Come here, I want you”). Watson, the supercomputer that beat Ken Jennings on Jeopardy! Josh Watson, an amiable guy who fixes computers.

Potentially handy (but not mandatory) superpowers include British accents, quick costume changes, and mustache growing.

Production Staff

Director: Dan Burkey