Star Spangled Girl

Andy and Norman are two earnest young men using their apartment as a publishing office for a “protest” magazine in San Francisco. Sophie, an Olympic swimmer and all-American girl, moves into another apartment on the same floor. Sophie makes her first appearance paying a good-neighbor visit to the combination home and office of the two publishers. Her friendliness and charm leave Norman hopelessly smitten. Thereafter love, with him, is a determined madness, with the humor of it heightened by her frantic rejection of him. Meanwhile, his partner is fielding telephone calls from the irate printer who wants to collect the money due him, and distracting the landlady from thoughts of back rent with motorcycle rides and surfing expeditions. And while she is convinced that they are editing a dangerously subversive magazine, our heroine soon finds that her real source of annoyance is that the wrong man is pressing his attentions on her. Happily this situation is reversed in time, as love and politics blend delightfully in a bubbling series of funny happenings, set forth with the masterly skill and inventiveness that are the hallmarks of Neil Simon.


Andy Hobart – Tom Zientek

Norman Cornell – Peter Moody

Sophie Rauschmeyer – Chris Ealing

Production Staff

Director: James Loeffler

Set Design: James Loeffler, John Brick

Assistant to Director: Colleen Arnoldi

Production & Stage Manager: Don Zastrow, Jerome Brickner, Richard Conrardy, Bob Berg

Costume Design: Pat VonRautenkranz

Light Design: Don Zastrow, Roland Lorenz

Sound Design: Carter VonRautenkranz, Ted Heller, Don Moos

Properties: Karin Schreiber

Co-Chairman: Karen Schmeiser

Make-Up Design: Elaine Jerving

Co-Chairman: Mildred Johnson

Master Carpenter: Chester Hurtienne

Cover Art: Roger Lahm