Spin Off

Peter Colton, a bank official, unwittingly comes home with the loot from a bank robbery masterminded by Willy Nicholas, his superior at the bank. Willy, frantic to retrieve the money, enlists Peter’s services to help him find it, with the help of Victoria Wickey, Peter’s secretary. Meantime, Laurel Colton, Peter’s daughter, has found the loot and erroneously supposes it is her father who has robbed the bank, so she enlists the aid of her boy friend Carlos Ortega, whose uncle is a retired forger of passports, to help her father flee the country. But the arrival of Sheila Mahoney, a travel agent who is helping Peter plan a surprise vacation to Rio for Laurel, complicates matters even further, since thanks to another plot afoot she thinks Victoria is married to Willy and planning a honeymoon in Rio for the two of them. By the time Victoria shows up with Peter’s and Laurel’s passports for the surprise vacation, Willy shows up with his and Victoria’s passports for a quick escape, and Carlos shows up with a pair of forged passports to help Laurel and Peter escape, everybody is in an ungodly mess, the police may close in any minute, all concerned are fearfully mistaken about everyone else’s motives and loyalties, and doom and shame and prison stare them all in the face


Laurel Colton – Diane Sciarra

Willy Nicholas – Peter Moody

Carlos Ortega – Joel Griessmeyer

Peter Colton – Marty Kooi

Victoria Wickey – Sheri S. Geyer

Sheila Mahoney – Julie Tyson

Production Staff

Director: Ralph Maffongelli

Set & Costume Design: Marty Kooi

Stage Manager: Karin J. Granacker

Light Design: Mike Lindgren

Master Electrician: Scott A. Heck

Sound Design: Todd Jaeger

Properties: Karen Held, Karen Herman

Make-Up Design: Pamela Rutherford

Master Carpenter: Kim M. Breckheimer, Randy Hytry

Paint Master: Pamela Rutherford, Robyn Christiansen

Cover Art: Steve Bowser

Lobby Photography: Steve Irish/ Irish Studios