Something’s Afoot

A zany, entertaining musical that takes a satirical poke at Agatha Christie mysteries and musical styles of the English music hall of the ’30s. Ten people are stranded in an isolated English country house during a raging thunderstorm. One by one they’re picked off by cleverly fiendish devices. As the bodies pile up in the library, the survivors frantically race to uncover the identity and motivation of the cunning culprit


Lettie – Julie Ann Griessmeyer

Flint – Michael K. McGovern

Clive – Dan Kelm

Hope Langdon – Kimberly Ann Nysse

Dr. Grayburn – Dirk R. Milsted

Nigel Rancour – Kevin Alan Heling

Lady Grace Manley-Prowe – Lin Pool

Col. Gillweather – Matt Klett

Miss Tweed – June Kraemer

Geoffrey – Joe Feustel

Voice of Dudley Rancour – Benjamin J. Gartmann

Production Staff

Director: Ralph Maffongelli

Musical Director & Accompaniment: Wayne Wildman

Set Design: Marty Kooi

Stage Manager: Diane Sciarra

Asst. Stage Manager: Karin Granacker

Costume Design: Mary Jane Krause

Light Design: Mike Lindgren

Sound Design: Marty Kooi

Properties: Karen Held

Make-Up Design: Pamela Rutherford

Master Carpenter: Kim M. Breckheimer, Charles Rhode

Paint Master: Peter Moody

Special Effects: Jim English, Randy Hytry

Cover Art: Dale Knaack Illustration

Lobby Photography: Steve Irish/ Irish Studios