Social Security

Written by one of Hollywood’s top comedy screenwriters and directed by the great Mike Nichols, this hilarious Broadway comedy starred Marlo Thomas and Ron Silver as a married couple who are art dealers. Their domestic tranquility is shattered upon the arrival of the wife’s goody goody nerd of a sister, her uptight CPA husband, and her archetypal Jewish Mother. They are there to try to save their college student daughter from the horrors of living only for sex. The comic sparks really begin to fly when the mother hits it off with the elderly minimalist artist who is the art dealer’s best client!


David Kahn – Rolland Roebuck

Barbara Kahn – Lisa Degrande

Trudy Heyman – Ellen Luebke

Martin Heyman – Peter Moody

Sophie Greengrass – Jean Deltgen Enking

Maurice Koenig – Jerry L. Colbert

Production Staff

Director: Ralph Maffongelli

Set Design: Bill Beniger & Ralph Maffongelli

Stage Manager: Deb Krause

Costume Design: Joyce Nery

Light Design: Jeanie Kupsch

Master Electrician: Scott Heck

Sound Design: Ramona Maala

Properties: Lynne Zimmermann

Master Carpenter: Bill Beniger

Paint Master: Deb Krause

Cover Art: Bev Nowicki