Show Boat

Spanning the years from 1880 to 1927, this lyrical masterpiece concerns the lives, loves and heartbreaks of three generations of show folk on the Mississippi, in Chicago and on Broadway (and their life-long friends). The primary plot follows Magnolia, the naive daughter of the show boat captain, as she marries a gambler and moves with him to Chicago. His gambling continues as his debts compound, and soon he deserts her and their young daughter. A subplot concerns the potential arrest of Magnolia’s selfless best friend on charges of miscegenation when it’s discovered that she is mulatto, and her subsequent downward spiral into despair. The passing of time reunites Magnolia and her now-grown daughter with her family on the show boat as well as with her husband, who eventually returns offering a hopeful second chance at familial fulfillment.


Steve – William R. Lund

Pete – Ralph Maffongelli

Queenie – M. Lisa Tanck

Parthy Ann Hawkes – Kathleen Rouse-Loewen

Capt. Andy – Michael A. Eberhardy

Ellie – JoAnn Kudirko

Frank – Kevin Delray

Joe – Tyrone Wesley

Julie – Sue Kaiser

Gaylord Ravenal – Michael McGovern

Sheriff Vallon – Michael Bennett

Magnolia – Kat Moungey

Backwoodsmen – Neil Beaton, Clark R. Kirst

Barker – Pat Radovan

Fatima – Julie Masbruch, Tanya Masbruch

Congress of Beauties – Kathleen Beuttenmueller, Crystal Eisner, Samantha Lin Pool, Debra Stache, Alison Valind

Cleaning Woman – Debra Stache

Landlady – Kathleen Beuttenmueller

Sousa Dancers – Kathleen Beuttenmueller, Julie Masbruch, Tanya Masbruch, Katrina Schuchardt

Jake – Erik N. Tanck

Jim – William R. Lund

Guitarist – Brian M. Leffin

Doorman – Josh Holte

Mother Superior – Debra Kelm

Kim – Brittany Arndt

Lottie – Jackie Blindauer

Dolly – Charlotte B. Quigley

Old Lady – Samantha Lin Pool

Stevedores – Neil Beaton, Clark R. Kirst, Pat Radovan

Gals – Linda L. Brauer, Crystal Eisner, Debra Kelm, Tanya Masbruch, Samantha Lin Pool, Jennifer Schleinz, Debra Stache, Alison Valind

Boys – Barry “the Bear” Hersh, Josh Holte, Brian M. Leffin, Eric N. Tanck

Girls – Kathleen Beuttenmueller, Jackie Blindauer, Amy Eberhardy, Christina Hembel, Julie Masbruch, Charlotte B. Quigley, Katrina Schuchardt

Children – Brittany Arndt, Wesley Morales, Nadine Nack, Sarah Schommer, Karissa Schuchardt, Marielle Schuchardt

Production Staff

Director: Ralph Maffongelli

Musical Director: Janice Westphal

Choreographer: Sherry Kunde

Stage Manager: Peter Moody

Asst. Stage Manager: Audrey Waitkus

Set Design: Dustin L. Uhl

Costume Design: Linda Graves

Light Design: Douglas Kleinhans

Master Electrician: Rick Klein

Sound Design: Lee J. Schneider

Properties: Karen Held, Deb Haynes

Make-Up Design: Lynn Schultz

Master Carpenter: Don held

Paint Master: Colleen Bertram

Lobby Photography: Steve Irish/ Irish Studios


Piano: John Eifert

Flute: Kelly Jelinek

French Horn: Dr. Dave Bolgert

Percussion: Michael Underwood, Jesse Koonce

Guitar: Zach Vinson