Revival at Possum Kingdom Community

Buddy and Alvo are two down-on-their-luck con men who find themselves broke and stranded in Possum Kingdom, Texas on a hot July day in 1950. But things start to look up when they convince kindly old Ella Faye and her friend Iris that they are just the preaching team that Possum Kingdom’s underpopulated community church needs. Can the boys pull off a rip-roaring revival and make it out of town with cash in their pockets, or will the mid-hymn arrival of a misfortunate stranger change Buddy and Alvo’s outlooks for good?


Alvo T Haggerty – Peter Moody

Buddy Peacock – David Annis

Ella Faye Tanner – Jean Deltgen Enking

Iris Crumb – Joann Kudirko

Phillip Yates Jr. – William R. Lund

Production Staff

Director: Ralph Maffongelli

Set and Light Design: Dustin L. Uhl

Stage manager: Larry Krause

Costume Design: Nancy Klein

Properties: Karen Herman