Ordinary People

Conrad Jarrett had an older brother named Buck, and now Buck is gone. What’s left of young Conrad’s family, with his successful, well-intentioned father and his beautiful, organized and remote mother, is in terrible jeopardy, as is Conrad himself. They are all “ordinary people” and each is fighting a hard battle. This play goes to the essence of a young man, his friends and family, their relationships and survival. We consider this full-length play to be an extraordinary opportunity for your cast, as each role has a rich texture and purpose that will challenge and stretch your actors. A critic from The New York Times summed up, “The anxiety, despair and joy that is common to every human experience … if Conrad and his family are ordinary people, why then so are we all.”


Conrad Jarrett – Kyle Schwanke

Cal Jarrett – Glenn Schultz

Beth Jarrett – Nanette Bulebosh

Joe Lazenby – Dan Burkey

Stillman – Neiko Boyd

Jeannine Pratt – Elizabeth Plotka

Karen Aldrich – Chloe Collin

Doctor Berger – Jon Wynveen

Salan – Michelle Bestul

Understudy (High School Students) – Angela Landgraf

Production Staff

Director: Nicole Dominguez

Stage Manager: Stephanie Gibson

Set Design: Dustin L. Uhl

Production Manager: Dustin L. Uhl

Costume Design: Joyce Nery

Light Design: Cory Drewry

Sound Design: Gary Kaiser

Properties: Lisa Masbruch

Make-Up Design: Julie Masbruch

Master Carpenter: Kyle Schwanke

Paint Master: Melissa O’Connell