This is a wild, free-flowing comedy that’s easy to stage. M*A*S*H stands for Mobile Army Surgical Hospital, and joining it are two unpredictable madcaps, Hawkeye and Duke. They can’t be dealt with casually, however, because they are also two of the best chest surgeons in South Korea. They decide to wage a campaign to get a young Korean to the United States and entered in a good school. The thread of this effort helps tie together the pileup of comic adventures that pyramid right before the eyes of your astonished and hysterical audience! Hawkeye has a scene with a woman psychiatrist who believes he’s been trying to lobster-trap mermaids in a rice paddy! There’s a jolly encounter with the baby-talking Bonwit sisters, the worst tap-dancing act the U.S.O. ever sent overseas. A sergeant is selling dumb GIs fishing rights in the Bay of Phum. Radar O’Reilly, a soldier with incredible hearing, anticipates things before they happen. The proprietor of a painless dental clinic is cured of dark moods by the recreation of an old monster movie�and a monster! It’s all here, including a little romance mixed in with dramatic moments and a genuine love of life. Oh, yes�the Korean boy does get his education in the United States!


Gen. Hamilton Hammond – Robert L. Wade

Pvt. Boone – Randall Elliot Stache

Lt. Col. Henry Blake – Peter Moody

Capt. Bridget McCarthy – Samantha Lin Pool

Lt. Janice Fury – Patricia Scholz

Sgt. Devine – Wayne W. Plath

Lt. Louise Kimble – Linda L. Brauer

Capt. Frank Burns – Kent Radloff

Fr. John Mulcahy – Craig Peaslee

Capt. Walt Waldowski – Jeff Kelm

Capt. John McIntyre (Trapper John) – Dirk R. Milsted

Capt. John Black (Ugly) – Mike Roehl

Cpl. “Radar” O’Reilly – Brian Matthew Leffin

Capt. Benjamin Franklin Pierce (Hawkeye) – Glenn Schultz

Capt. Augustus Forrest (Duke) – William R. Lund

Ho-Jon – David Pyawasay

Pvt. Lopez – Randal C. Kleckner

Korean Woman 1 – Kathleen Beuttenmueller

Korean Woman 2 – Leona Lu

Lt. Nancy Phillips – Debra Stache

Maj. Margaret Houlihan – Lynn Schultz

Congresswoman Goldfarb – Jackie Blindauer

Dean Mercy Lodge – Amanda Leffin

Miss Randazzle – Tiffany Merriman

Mitzi Bonwit – Jackie Blindauer

Fritzi Bonwit – Kat Moungey

Agnes Bonwit – Rachel Elizabeth

Lt. Connie Liebowitz – Tiffancy Decker

Capt. Oliver Wendall Jones (Spearchucker) – Neil Beaton

Maj. Ruth Haskell – Jennifer Schleinz

Koreans – Elba P. De Leon, Bill Heberlein, James D. McCoy

Production Staff

Director: Ralph Maffongelli

Stage Manager: Todd Jaeger

Set Design: Dustin L. Uhl

Costume Design: Nancy Klein, Joyce Nery, Bev Dulmes

Light Design: Rick Klein

Sound Design:Lee Schneider, Ken Rhode

Properties: Karen Herman, Colleen Schleinz

Make-Up Design: Beth Tengowski, Phyllio Toniolo