Lombardi rectangle

Based on the book “When Pride Still Mattered,” Lombardi is a powerful dramatic retelling of the life and struggles of one of football’s most legendary coaches, the Packers’ own Vince Lombardi and his wife Marie, as told by reporter Michael McCormick. The play follows the legend through a week in the 1965 NFL season as he attempts to lead his team to the championship, and explores his complicated relationship with his team, the press, and his wife Marie. Discover the man behind the legend in this enticing drama, and bring your sports-loving friends. Rated PG-13


Vince Lombardi – Steve Myers

Marie Lombardi – Christi Lueck

Michael McCormick – Dave Payton

Paul Hornung – Michael Roehl

Dave Robinson – Ahman Green

Jim Taylor – Matthew Frei

Production Staff

Director: Pat Payne

Stage Manager: Shari Roehl

Assistant Stage Manager: Michelle Bestul

Set Design: Jim Johnson

Video/Projection: Jim Johnson

Costume Design: Bev Dulmes

Crew: Bev Dulmes, Beth Wynveen, Janelle Bowe, Pynne Christie, Jan Remling, Ben Gartmann, Cheryl Feld

Light Design: Pat Smith

Properties/ Run Crew Chief: Lisa Masbruch

Crew: Lisa Masbruch, Melissa O’Connell, Julie Masbruch, Jackie Blindauer, Adam Joseph, Deb Stache, Tina Thurs, Nan Gibson, Karen Herman

Sound Coodinator: Ryan Tengowski

Sound Engineer: Amanda Ellis

Hair/Make-Up Design: Julie Masbruch

Master Painters: Kathy Schafer, Dorothy Block

Set Construction/ Paint Crew: Jim Johnson, Nan Gibson, Dorothy Block, Allan Becker, Adam Joseph, Maria Payant, Phil Zimmermann, Kathy Schafer, Cody Ruppel, Beth Leinss, Jackie Blindauer

Program Design/Layout: Kirt Graves, Erik Tanck

Company Photographer: Michael Huibregtse