A very funny comedy set in the light booth of an off-the-loop Chicago theatre during the final performance of a run of “Hamlet” at which absolutely nothing is going right.


Ross – Kevin Horne

Shannon – Beth E. Tengowski

Charlie – Tim Hollister

Dick – Kelly Scheel

Garry Cooper – Patrick T. Seibold

Officer Shubert – Jean Deltgen Enking

“Hamlet” Performers – Michael Bennett, Kathleen Beuttenmueller, Gregory M. Blindauer, Suzanne Boland, Ellen Cheney, Scott A. Heck, Laura Jochimsen, Patrick Kelly, Matthew E. Klett, Char Koehler, Deb Krause, Steven D. Krause, Deborah LeClair, Michael LeClair, Peter Moody, Sandy Petra, Troy Schoening

Production Staff

Director: Ralph maffongelli

Set Design: Marty Kooi

Stage Manager: Diane Peterman

Costume Design: Mary Jo Beniger

Light Design: Deb Krause & Marty Kooi

Master Electrician: Ron Bauman

Sound Design: Scott Heck & Todd Jaeger

Properties & Set Decoration: Terri Starich

Special Prop Construction: Dave Krause

Make-Up Design: Steven D. Krause & Pam Rutherford

Master Carpenter: Bill Beniger

Paint Master: Peter Moody

Cover Art: Bev Nowicki