Widely considered one of the best musicals ever written, Gypsy tells the story of the domineering Mama Rose, who pressures her daughters to succeed in the dying world of vaudeville. Rose pushes her “talented” daughter June to be the toast of the town, but her push for success leads to dire consequences. Her ambition leads to a schism in the family, and Rose sets her sights on her younger, “plainer” daughter Louise. Rose’s plans take her younger daughter down a path she never expected: the tawdry world of burlesque! Gypsy is beloved of the theatre-goers everywhere and the winner of six Tony Awards over its 55-year-old history, resulting in five Broadway productions. Featuring beloved hits like “All I Need Now is the Girl,” “Small World,” and “Everything’s Coming Up Roses,” Gypsy is classic Broadway at its best!



Uncle Jocko, Weber, Mr. Goldstone, Pastey – Christopher Lee Fontaine

Georgie, Onkers, Bourgeron-Cochon – David Quinn

Balloon Girl – Charlotte Bullard

Vanessa, Urchin, Newsboy – Sarah Torres

Ventriloquist, Boy Scout, Newsboy – Eddie Bullard

Cowboy, Rich Man’s Son, Newsboy – Nicholas Torres

Baby June, Geraldine – Bridget Bullard

Baby Louise – Vanessa Pittner

Mother, Gladys, Electra – Susan Salm

Mother, Cratchitt, Tessie Tura – Susan Johnson

Mother,  Hotel Guest, Mazeppa – Sharon Quinn

Mother, Carol Anne, Renee – Courtney Kooistra

Rose – Michelle Bestul

Herbie – David Neese

Pop – Bernie Starzewski

Rich Man, Kringelein, Cigar – Jim Johnson

Older Boy Scout, Denver – Noah Van Ells

Driver, L.A., Phil – Nate Snyder

Louise – Eulalla Carriveau

Dainty June – Morgan Bramstedt

Tulsa – Steven Lee

Waitress, Marjorie Mae – Leyah Van Ells

Agnes – Angela Landgraf


Production Staff

Director/ Choreographer: Dennis J. Clark

Music Director: Ray Rhoads

Stage Manager: Chandrika Abhang

Managing Director: Tom Berger

Set Design: Eric Rautmann

Costume Design: Bev Dulmes, Ben Gartmann

Crew: Bev Dulmes, Ben Gartmann, Jan Remling, Janelle Bowe, Linda Wulff, Beth Wynveen, Jenny List, Cheryl Feld, Pynne Christie

Light Design: Pat Smith

Sound Design: Ryan Tengowski

Crew: Eric Johnson, Ryan Tengowski

Properties/ Run Crew: Lisa Masbruch

Crew: Tina Thurs, Nan Gibson, Jackie Blindauer, Melissa O’Connell, Debra Stache, Ginger VanElls, Brian VanElls, Mandy Radloff

Make-up & Hair Design: Cathy Perronne

Crew: Cathy Perronne, Clark Kirst, Susan Salm

Master Carpenter: Kyle Schwanke

Set Construction & Paint Crew: Allan Becker, Dorothy Block, Bob Deyo, Matthew Frei, Nan Gibson, Adam Joseph, Savannah Lewis, Maria Payant, Kathy Schafer, Kyle Schwanke, Roberto Torres, Mirna Torres, Sarah Torres, Christopher Tucker, Ginger VanElls, Logan WanderWyst, Julia Xiong, Phil Zimmermann

Program Design/Layout: Erik Tanck

Production Photographer: Michael Huibregtse