This is the classic story of a young girl who wins at the game of love. Gigi has been brought up by her Grandmama and Aunt Alicia, an old-school courtesan, to be a stylish coquette and set her sights on a rich man. When Gaston visits, he brings her candy and lets her cheat at cards, captivated by her girlish ways. Now 16, Gigi is ripe to put away childish things and prepare to become Gaston’s mistress. The clever girl however, has other plans…


Photographer – Roy Veldboom

Gigi -Katy Stewart

Mme. Alvarez – Barbara Bassewitz

Andree – Mary Barun Mooney

Gaston LeChaille – Bill TeWinkle

Victor – J. Brickner

Alicia de St. Ephiam – Marilyn Zimmermann

Sidonie – Lorraine Selinski

Production Staff

Director: Ralph Maffongelli

Designed by: Bernard J. Markevitch

Stage Manager: Sue Sprenger

Costume Design: Mary Jo Beniger

Light Design: Don Zastrow

Master Electrician: Rob Jameson

Sound Design: Dick Pool

Properties: Barbara Ashburn

Asst. Properties Mistress: Pearl Haartmann

Special Prop Construction: Phil Segor

Make-Up Design: Mary Mooney

Hairstyle Design: Mary Wagner

Master Carpenter: Jerry Sprosty

Paint Master: Pal Scahill

Cover Art: Roger Lahm

Production Photographer: Gene Schuettey

Musical Assistance: Fern Sherman