End of the World

A few years ago Arthur Kopit was commissioned by a wealthy industrialist to write a play about the nuclear peril. This funny play is the result. It is about a playwright who sees himself as a Sam Spade like detective who is commissioned by a mysterious billionaire to write a play about the Impending Doom. The writer has two mysteries to solve: the truth behind the nuclear arms build up and the reason the eccentric croesus Philip Stone believes he is the man to write about it. There are loads of laughs along the way to the shocking conclusion.


Michael Trent – Kevin Horne

Philip Stone – J.E. Bruckner

Stella – Debra L. Weiher

Audrey West – Ellen Luebke

Paul Cowan – Peter Moody

Merv Rosenblatt – Dale Schmidt

Charles – Dave Krueger

General Wilmer – Bill Beniger

Stanley Berent – Alan R. Dodds

Jim – David B. Annis Jr.

Pete – Richard Schneider

Ann Trent – Lynne Zimmermann

Alex Trent – David T. Maxon

Production Staff

Director: Ralph Maffongelli

Designed by Bernard J. Markevitch

Light Design: Jeanie Kupsch, Ron Bauman

Sound Design: David Krueger

Technicians: Joyce Nery, Jane Sukowaty, Phil Zimmermann, Dave Kucensky, Ken Rohde, Scott Heck, Justin D. Deehr, Joe Feustel, Peter Moody