The Dickens’ “Christmas Carol” show

In fog-shrouded, 19th-century London, miser Ebenezer Scrooge shuts out Christmas—which he hates. But on Christmas Eve the fearful specter of his dead partner, Jacob Marley, heralds the arrival of the Spirits of Christmas Past, Present and Future. Thus, Scrooge begins a journey that finds him wonderfully changed by Christmas morning. This skillful adaptation brings all the well-loved characters and scenes to theatrical life—Bob Cratchit and his family (not forgetting Tiny Tim), the Fezziwigs and their famous Christmas Eve ball, Scrooge’s delightful nephew and niece, as well as the phantoms and underworld characters. Carols interweave the action from Scrooge’s school days to the terrible warning predictions of his future.


Ebenezer Scrooge – Howard Hill

Bob Cratchit – Bob Margrett

Fred Bennison – Michael LeClair

Carollers – Kathy Corcoran, Mike Cueto, Timothy Dekker, Larry Halverson, Mary Keen, Jeff Margrett, Bill Morgan, Mark Morgan, Mary Parent, Cindy Pilgrim, Anita Waage

Charitable Ladies – Debra Peck, Mary Jane Sprosty

Peter Greenlaw – Jack McKee

Jacob Marley – Marc Reed

Phantoms & Spirits – The Company

Ghost of Christmas Past – David Heckmann

Ben, scrooge as a schoolboy – Greg Margrett

Fanny – Molly Drives

Tom Keddle, the fiddler – Timothy Dekker

Mr. Fezziwig – Carl TenPas

Dick Williams – Mike Cueto

Ebenezer, scrooge as an apprentice – Mark Morgan

Emma Fezziwig – Elaine Phillips

Orphans – Rodrigo Alonzo, Susan Dobbe, Molly Drives, Greg Margrett, Jeff Margrett, Cindy Pilgrim, Katy Stewart, Anita Waage, Julie Wagner, Tommy Wagner

Belle Christopher – Mary Keen

Gerry Christopher – Larry Halverson

Ghost of Christmas Present – Rolland Roebuck

The Cratchit Family:

Peter – James Cleveland

Emily – Julie Wagner

Belinda – Susan Dobbe

Mrs. Cratchit – Shirley Dobbe

Robert – Tommy Wagner

Martha – Mary Parent

Tiny Tim – Rodrigo Alonzo

Mary Bennison – Deborah Pursian

Ignorance – Julie Wagner

Want – Tommy Wagner

Ghost of Christmas yet to come – Mary Keen

Merchants – Timothy Dekker, Carl TenPas

Joe Snatchley – Roy Veldboom

Mrs. Dilber – Mary Jane Sprosty

Mrs. Gooley – Lorraine Selinski

Caroline Greenlaw – Debra Peck

Little boy in the street – Jeff Margrett

Production Staff

Director: Ralph Maffongelli

Designed by: Bernard J. Markevitch

Musical Director: Rosemary Tellen

Choreographer: Deborah Schlehlein

Stage Manager: Jean Deltgen

Costume Design: Pat Von Rautenkranz

Crew Coordinator: Lillian Bailey

Light & Effects Design: Marty Peck

Master Electrician: Dave Krueger

Sound Design: Dick Pool

Properties: Betty Segor

Special Prop Construction: Phil Segor

Make-Up Design: Mary Braun, Mary Keen

Master Carpenter: Jerry Sprosty

Paint Master: Pal Scahill

Cover Art: Roger Lahm


Organist/ Rehearsal Pianist: Allan R. Dodds

Recorder: Debbie Anderson