Children of Eden

Featuring one of the most beautiful scores in contemporary musical theatre from the composer of Godspell, Pippin, and Wicked, Children of Eden adapts the story of the first nine books of Genesis. Act I tells the timeless Adam & Eve in the Garden, their expulsion, and their struggle in the wasteland with Cain and Abel, leading to their founding of the human race. Act II recreates Noah and the Ark, when Father plans to wipe out the race of Cain, leaving only Noah and his family. What will be their fate when one of Noah’s sons sneaks his beloved on board…a woman with the Mark of Cain? Father, the all-seeing aspect of God bridging both acts, serves as an immortal and powerful being that is also sensitive to the needs and challenges of His family. With a huge cast, puppeteered animals, a soaring score, and a tale literally for the ages, Children of Eden is fast becoming one of the most popular shows of the last twenty years for regional theatres, and a fascinating reflection on Man as a Family.


Father – Duncan Doherty

Adam – Kirt Graves

Eve – Beth Leinss

The Snake – Rachel Brooks

Snake Puppeteers – Jenny Wunderlin, Erica Manier, Eulalia Carriveau, Berta Meyers, Leyah Van Ells, Sarah Torres, Keeara Muellenbach

Snake Quintet – Rachel Brooks, Jonathon Weiss, Eric Tanck, Kristin Sorenson, Tiffany Bauer

Young Cain – Bella Rudell

Young Abel – Nico Torres

Cain – Jeremy Lee

Abel – Nate Snyder

Seth – Cody Gornall

Wasteland Soloists – Kristin Sorenson, Tiffany Bauer, Rusty Mehlberg, Jenny Wunderlin, David Quinn

Generations Soloists – Rachel Brooks, Kristen Sorenson, Kirt Graves,Tiffany Bauer

Noah – Jonathon Weiss

Mama Noah – Maria Payant

Japheth – Jeremy Lee

Yonah – Eulalia Carriveau

Shem – David Quinn

Ham – Rusty Mehlberg

Aphra – Tiffany Bauer

Aysha – Kristin Sorenson

Dove – Bella Rudell

Storytellers – Abby Wetzel, Adam Joseph, Amber Klobucher, Angela Landgraf, Bea Van Geffen, Berta Meyer, Bob Weber, Cody Gornall, Dakota Ortiz, Daniel Ellair, Erica Manier, Erik Tanck, Hailey Gruenke, Jenny Wunderlin, Keeara Muellenbach, Laurynn List, Leyah Van Ells, McKenna Bretz, Noah Van Ells, Sarah Torres, Shelby Blaha

Production Staff

Director/Choreographer:  Andrea Andresakis

Assistant Director: Amanda Ellis

Music Director: Ray Rhoads

Assistant Music Director/ Rehearsal Accompanist: Melissa Harms

Stage Manager – Jackie Blindauer

Assistant Stage Manager: Jen Blaha

Dance Captain: Rachel Brooks

Set Designers – Steve and Sue Toepel

STC Managing Director: Tom Berger

Costume Design: Bev Dulmes, Mary Jo Beniger

Crew: Beth Wynveen, Janelle Bowe, Jamie Wynveen, Leslie Ellair, Lizzy Ellair, Pynne Christie, Don Nicklaus, Cheryl Feld, M Lisa Tanck, Ciara Mohr, Cathy Perronne, Kimberly Nysse, Linda Wulff

Light Design: Pat Smith

Sound Design: Ryan Tengowski

Crew: Adam Multer

Properties/ Run Crew Chief: Nan Gibson

Crew: Deb Stache, Tina Thurs, Audrey Waitkus, Melissa O’Connell, Phil Zimmermann, Sue Toepel, Steve Toepel, Karen Herman, Lisa Masbruch, Janie Klobucher, Kyle Schwanke, STacey Cheney, Mandy Radloff

Hair/ Make-up: Cathy Perronne

Crew: Molly Dewane, Clark Kirst, Ciara Mohr, Cathy Perronne, Katy Ries

Animal Design and Construction: Cathy Perronne

Assistant: Ciara Mohr

Set Construction & Paint Crew: Cody Ruppel, Bernie Starzewski, Nan Gibson, Phil Zimmermann, Kathy Schaffer, Tim Toepel, Jill Wetzel, Mary Burkey, Dennis Holmer, Pam Holmer, Dustin Holmer, Jacob Holmer, Dorothy Block, Elizabeth Jaeger, Ginger Van Ells, George Joseal,, Emma Brashaw, Becky Marcus, Abby Marcus, Maria Gosz, Shari Roehl


Conductor/ Piano: Ray Rhoads

Keyboard: Melissa Harms

Reed 1: Rich Tengowski

Reed 2: Justin Brisso

Reed 3: Brianna Pelland

Recorders: Eric Johnson, Cathy Perronne

Cello: Katie Burg

Guitar: Hunter Lewinski

Drums: Macullen Shnell

Percussion: Jacob Brown