Cheeseheads The Musical

A modern day dairy-tale with a lotto heart! The most magical thing about the lottery is pondering what you’d do if you won…At Schnaybel’s Famous Cheese, the lotto is just the ticket to help the workers take their minds off how things are in Sheboygan. Their beloved founder has passed away and there are rumors the factory may shut down. With typical Wisconsin good humor, the workers carry on while keeping their fingers crossed that something better will come their way…A touching and joyful Wisconsin musical gouda luck fable!


Photography by Steve Irish


Thursday – Bennett Strack

Dan – Jim Wucherer

Gizmo – Blake Henderson

Bobby – Kyle Schwanke

Natalie – Patricia Lutze

Doc Muenster – Eric Johnson

Melanie – Diane Sciarra

Lottery Announcer – Shari Roehl

Production Staff

Director: Catie O’Donnell

Musical Director: Sandra Kasten

Stage Manager: Glenn Schultz

Assistant Stage Manager: Diane Ellis

Production Manager: Dustin L. Uhl

Set Design: Dustin L. Uhl

Costume Design: Joyce Nery

Light Design: Cory Drewry

Sound Design: Pat Smith

Properties: Karen Herman

Make-Up Design: Julie Masbruch

Paint Master: Melissa O’Connell



Piano/Conductor: Sandra Kasten

Keyboards: Julie Steele

Drums: Alan Yurk

Guitar: Walter Ellis

Bass: Eric Rautmann