Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Atkinson’s review in the NY Times called it “a stunning drama…It is the quintessence of life. It is the basic truth.” Atkinson went on to write, “In a plantation house, the members of the family are celebrating the sixty-fifth birthday of the Big Daddy, as they sentimentally dub him. The tone is gay. But the mood is somber. For a number of old evils poison the gaiety—sins of the past, greedy hopes for the future, a desperate eagerness not to believe in the truths that surround them…CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF is a delicately wrought exercise in human communication. His characters try to escape from the loneliness of their private lives into some form of understanding. The truth invariably terrifies them. That is one thing they cannot face or speak…As the expression of a brooding point of view about life, CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF is limpid and effortless. As theatre, it is superb.”


 Brick – Michael Roehl
Maggie – Michelle Jorgensen
Big Daddy – Bernie Starzewski
Big Mama – Kitty Lynne Klich
Gooper – Duncan Doherty
Mae – Tiffany Bauer
Doc Baugh – Mike Eberhardy
Reverend Tooker – David Neese
Trixie – Florence Butterfield
Dixie – Autumn Schultz
Polly – Lucy Thoresen
Buster – Owen Denson
Sonny – Grant Cassady

Production Staff

Director – Erin Smiley

Stage Manager – Kirt Graves

Set Designer – Jim Johnson

Associate Set Designer/Master Carpenter – Nan Gibson

Construction/ Paint Crew: Phillip Zimmermann, Nan Gibson, Dean Jaeger, Logan Jaeger, Kathy Schafer, Laura Herrmann, Dorothy Block, Dennis Holmer, Dustein Holmer, Jacob Holmer, Bob Deyo, Jasmine Blessing, Jim Johnson, Maria Gosz, Kyle Schwanke

Lighting Designer – Pat Smith

Sound Designer – Thomas Pibal

Sound Engineer – Sara Pibal

Costume Designer – Benjamin Gartmann

Crew: Benjamin Gartmann, Bev Dulmes, Beth Wynveen, Janelle Bowe, Pynne Christie, Cheryl Feld

Hair/Make-Up Designer – Cathy Perronne

Crew: Kendra Benson, Ciara Mohr, Cathy Perronne

Props/ Run Crew Chief – Jackie Blindauer

Crew: Nan Gibson,  Laura Herman, Adam Joseph, Janie Klobucher, Amber Klobucher, Lisa Masbruch, Kimberly Neuman, Melissa O’Connell, Tina Thurs, Lee Trotta, Audrey Waitkus

Program Cover Design – Kirt Graves

Program Layout – Annabelle Ulalulae

Company Photographer – Michael Huibregtse