Cactus Flower

A philandering dentist keeps his many affairs at bay by claiming to be married with children. When the ruse threatens to catch up with him, he drafts his prickly nurse to pose as his “wife”. She blossoms and he finds himself falling in love with the lovely “cactus flower” right under his very nose. This Broadway hit later became a successful film starring Walter Matthau, Ingrid Bergman, and Goldie Hawn.


Toni Simmons – Cathy Hayes

Igor Sullivan – Girard DeRoche

Stephanie Dickinson – Dorothy Kisling

Mrs. Dixon Durant – Sharon Spielvogel

Dr. Julian Winston – William J. Ballhorn

Harvey Greenfield – Robert Kuehlman

Senor Arturo Sanchez – Richard Hayward

Music Lover – Robert Levezow

Boticelli’s Springtime – Jean Spielvogel

Production Staff

Director: David C. Bryant

Set Design: Roger Lahm

Stage Manager: Marilyn Zastrow

Assistant Stage Manager: Peter Roe

Production Manager: Don Zastrow

Technical Manager: Henry Weinberger Jr.

Technical Director: John Brick

Costume Mistress: Mary Cooper

Costume Design Committee Chairman: Ruth Whinfield

Master Electrician: Roland K. Lorenz

Properties: Karin Schreiber

Co-Chairman: Peter Moody

Make-Up Design: Elaine Jerving, Carol Jean Schmidt

Prompter: Robert Levezow

Cover Art: Roger Lahm