Broadway Bound

Part three of Neil Simon’s acclaimed autobiographical trilogy finds Eugene and his older brother Stanley trying to break into the world of show business as professional comedy writers while coping with their parents break-up and eventual divorce. When their material is broadcast on the radio for the first time, the family is upset to hear a thinly-veiled portrait of themselves played for laughs.


Kate – Marilyn Zimmermann

Ben – Harold C. Lang

Eugene – Jeffery Bowser

Stan – Wally Waldhart

Blanche – Judy Schmidt

Jack – Jerry L. Colbert

Radio Voices

Announcer – Marty Kooi

Chubby Waters – Charles Ebert

Mrs. Pitkin – Kathleen Beuttenmueller

Production Staff

Director: Ralph Maffongelli

Set Design: Marty Kooi

Stage Manager: Kathleen Beuttenmueller

Costume Design: Joyce Nery

Light Design: Scott Heck

Master Electrician: Ron Bauman

Sound Design: Todd Jaeger

Properties: Rita Lang

Master Carpenter: Karl Zimmermann

Cover Art: Bev Nowicki