Born Yesterday

The vulgar, egotistic junkman Harry Brock has come to a swanky hotel in Washington to make crooked deals with government big-wigs. He has brought with him the charming but dumb ex-chorus girl Billie, whose lack of social graces embarrasses even Harry. Billie must be taught some of the amenities, and a few basic bits of information. The young, idealistic magazine reporter Paul Verrall, who has been investigating political skullduggery and is interested in Brock’s activities, agrees for a salary, to educate Billie. He finds Billie has a natural honesty and a frank streak in her, and she begins to learn about history, politics, and what Harry really is and what he wants. At a dramatic moment she rebels against being merely a tool in Harry’s crooked schemes and refuses to sign the documents which she has come to learn are part of an ambitious effort to defraud the public. This precipitates a crisis, as Billie readies to leave Harry for a new life of her own. Harry’s reaction takes the only form he knows: physical violence. Billie now knows that she can no longer have anything to do with Brock, and realizes she and Paul have fallen genuinely in love. Just before she leaves Harry, she helps Paul get hold of incriminating documents of Harry’s which will result in scandal and disaster. At the end, Paul and his promising pupil turn their backs on the anti-social and anti-democratic Brock and strike out on their own.


Billie Dawn – Judith Friede

Harry Brock – Roger Fischer

Paul Verrall – Roger Deeley

Ed Devery – James Michael

Senator Norval Hedges – Robert Siebelink

Mrs. Hedges – Jill Roth

Eddie Brock – Roy Beard

The Assistant Manager – Dan Wilhelm

Helen – Gail Brannon

A Bellhop – Jerome Richter

Another Bellhop – John Schommer

A Barber – Ralph Markelz

A Manicurist – Sharon Nauth

A Bootblack – Michael Hoffmann

A Waiter – Leroy Staler

Production Staff

Director: David C. Bryant

Designed by: Joan Burgasser

Stage Manager: Dan Wilhelm

Assistant Stage Manager: Louis Stuemke

Stage Management Chairman: Michael L. Richdorf

Technical Manager: Henry Weinberger Jr.

Technical Director: John Brick

Costume Mistress: Marcella Held

Master Electrician: Roland K. Lorenz

Assistant: Karl Winkler

Sound: Joe Ayers

Properties: Elsie Thomas

Co-Chairman: Lilly Roehl, Carole Schmitt

Make-Up Master: Arno Roehl

Co-chairman: Robert Larson

Prompter: Elaine Jerving

Master Carpenter: Chester Hurtienne

Paint Master: Joan Burgasser

Cover Art: Joan Burgasser