Babes in Toyland

All of the glorious music and fabulous fantasy characters of the classic Victor Herbert creation are included in this bright contemporary adaptation. Join Contrary Mary, Tom-Tom, Little Bo Peep, Boy Blue and their friends for an adventure that audiences will never forget! There may not be Christmas this year! Barnaby, the miser of Mother Goose Village, threatens to foreclose the mortgage on the old woman’s “shoe,” but her children know what to do. They venture to Toyland to ask the master toymaker for help. Why? Because the master toymaker can do anything! Getting there, however, involves traversing the Haunted Forest, braving giant spiders and escaping Barnaby’s bumbling henchmen. A beautiful, enchanted butterfly leads them safely to the gates of Toyland where they soon discover that the master toymaker is in a quandary himself. There may not be Christmas in Toyland either! He’s lost the formula for his magic potion that brings toys to life. The children and toymaker work together to find the formula in time for “you-know-who’s” famous sleigh ride around the world, and the old woman’s shoe is saved due to the toymaker’s clever and quick thinking.


Barnaby – Randall Elliot Stache

Curley Locks – Laurie Kretschmar

Little Bo Peep – Missie Nack

Jack Be Nimble – Matt Gerold

Old Women Who Lived in a Shoe – Patricia Scholz

Cantrary Mary – Kathryn Resnick

Simple Simon – Jeremy Murphy

Boy Blue – Craig Kutz

Roderigo – Bob Deyo

Gonzorgo (and Polly) – Michael A. Eberhardy

Tom-Tom – Ryan Madala-Klug

Spider Queen – Pam Rutherford

Dancing Spiders -Benjamin Beuttenmueller, Nathan Beuttenmueller

Butterfly – Allison Werner

The Master Toymaker – Michael McGovern

Gremio – Micheal Bennett

Ballerina Doll – Sara Matzdorf

Dancing Dolls – Kristin Grundzielanek, Julie Masbruch, Tanya Masbruch, Abbey Woods

Townspeople – Stefan Alsheskie, Neil Beaton, Kathy Beuttenmueller, Jackie Blindauer, Lisa Ann Brey, Mollie Anne Brey, Jeris Diana Brunette, Crystal Bueter, Tanya Bueter, Nadine Crisp, Kerrylynn Kraemer-Curtiss, Chuck Ebert, Jeanie Fischer,Hannah Gabrielse, Martha Gabrielse, Nicole Hermann, Kathy Kleinhans, Brittany Rose Klug, Ashley Kutz, Christine Laboy, Christine Lehmann, Lisa Renee McLean, Jocelyn Mohr, Sarah Pittner, Barb Sertich, Laura Spalinger, Nate Stache, Emily Tauscheck, Erika Tauscheck

Elves – Emily Alsheskie, Garett Berndt, Jennifer Boettner, Andrea Brewer, Mallory Ann Brey, Amanda Bueter, Marisela Chavez, Leslie Cobb, Meghann Conley, Karina Fabian, Tegan Hermann, Michelle Horn, Stephanie Horn, Rachel Kretschmar, Megan Ladwig, Kim Lambrecht, Amy List, Anna Mattern Mangan, Angela Murphy, Nadine Nack, Julia Saint Pierre, Jacqueline Scharrer, Amber Scheidt, Robert Schroeder, Ryan Schulze, Kimberly Siegert, Stephanie Siegert, Olivia Simenz, Brittany Van Remortel

Toy Soldiers – Ashley Ader, Kimberley Burkart, Amy Eberhardy, Tierney Endres, Jennifer Gerold, Amanda Johnson, Anna Johnson, Christina Klessig, Jacqueline Masbruch, Amy Maynard, Katie Moungey, Raquel Nyhuis, Vicki Sapountsis, Becky Sommersberger

Production Staff

Director: Ralph Maffongelli

Music Director: Janice Westphal

Choreographer: Sherry Kunde

Stage Manager: Steve Krause

Set Design: Dustin L. Uhl

Costume Design: Benjamin J. Gartmann

Light Design: Don Zastrow

Master Electrician: Rick Klein

Sound Design: Todd Jaeger

Properties: Karen Held

Make-Up Design: Beth E. Tengowski

Master Carpenter: Don Held

Paint Master: Peter Moody

Cover Art: Roger Lahm

Lobby Photography: Irish Studios