Babes in Toyland

Orphans Alan and Jane are the wards of their wicked Uncle Barnaby, who wants to steal their inheritance. He arranges with two sailors, Gonzorgo and Roderigo, for them to be shipwrecked and lost at sea, but they are rescued by gypsies and returned to Contrary Mary’s garden. Contrary Mary, the eldest daughter of the Widow Piper, believing her beloved Alan is dead, has run away with her brother, Tom-Tom, rather than agree to marry Barnaby. After a second attempt on their lives, Alan and Jane are abandoned in the Forest of No Return. In the Spider’s Den, they are protected by the Moth Queen. Old Mother Hubbard’s shoe is threatened with foreclosure by Barnaby.

Alan and Jane arrive in Toyland, where they find Contrary Mary and Tom-Tom and seek protection from the Master Toymaker, an evil genius who plots with Barnaby to create toys that kill and maim. The demonically possessed dolls turn on the Toymaker, killing him, and Barnaby uses the information to have Alan sentenced to death. Contrary Mary agrees to marry Barnaby in exchange for Alan’s pardon, but after he marries her, Barnaby denounces Alan again. Barnaby dies after drinking a wine glass filled with poison meant for Alan. Tom-Tom reveals that an old law of Toyland permitting marriage between a widow and a condemned man on condition that he supports her may save Alan from the gallows. Alan is now free to marry Contrary Mary.


Hilda, maid of all work in the Piper household – Dianne Gillig

Jill, one of the Piper children – Mary Keen

BoPeep, a careless shepherdess – Wendy Scattergood

Barnaby, an unsmiling miser with an eye for beauty – Dick Pool

Tom, the Widow Piper’s eldest son – Jon Bauer

The Widow Piper, a poor widow with four children – Lin Hendee

Gonzorgo, a sea-going ruffian – John Muehlenberg

Roderigo, his simple-minded partner – Reid Snedaker

Jane, Barnaby’s niece – Marcia Boedeker Hahn

Alan, his nephew – Tim Adrianson

Contrary Mary, the Widow Piper’s eldest daughter – Susan Thornton

Piper Children – Arved Ashby, Janet Brock, Tammy Browne, Anthony Forkner, Laura Kokes, Lisa Selinski, Michael A. Daehn, Lee Ann Von Rautenkranz,

Nurse Maids – Sharon Browne, Dolores Burzinski, Starr Margenau, Lorraine Selinski

Fairy Queen – Nancy Pieper

The Fairies – Vicki Lesch, Michelle Udovich, Betsy Lieding

Marmaduke, Inspector of Toyland Police – Peter Moody

The Master Toymaker, Toymaker to the whole world – Fran DeReus

Grumio, one of his apprentices – Mark Tellen

French Dolls – Colleen Cosgrove, Sara Eberhardy, Lynn Ewig, Sarah Hodges, Jodine Hoegger, Sarah Keppler, Eve Kovacs,Heidi Muench, Shelly Price, Debbie Sandven, Annette Seifert,

The Pied Piper – Gretchen Schaefer

Tambourines – Paula Eberhardy, Jenifer Gabriel, Amy Russell, Jennifer Sandven, Laura Schaefer, Juliette Schildbach, Lisa Somodi

Majorette – Lori Somodi

Little Eagle – Debra Grider

Aloha – Susan Forbes

Chinese Dolls – Pat Fourbert, Lisa Haake, Kris Johnson, Becky Keppler, Jamie Kuhn, Amy Kraft, Carrie VanEngen, Kym Werwie

Mary Poppins – Kerry Desmond

Music Box Dolls – Stacey Connaughton, Lisa Ann Gephart, Debbie Gerber, Kelly Weber

Sesame Street Characters – Sara Eberhardy, Laurie Gunther, Barbara McComis, Mary McComis

Ponies – Margaret Chuvan, Brigitte Thompson, Sharid Thompson, Anita Waage

Snow White – Colleen Cosgrove

Seven Dwarfs – Jennifer Ackley, Vesla Bemis, Andrea Dales, Jessica Kath, Aimee Margenau, Jane Seifert, Jane Theune

Batons -Lisa Achsel, Mary O’Brien

Spanish Dolls – Sarah Hodges, Jodine Hoegger, Sarah Keppler, Debbie Sandven

Jack in the boxes – Ryan Burg, Marya Jensen, Russell Margenau, Liesl Testwuide

Raggedy Ann & Andy – Mary and Joey Kasuboski

Wizard of Oz Characters – Vicki Lesch, Betsy Lieding

Russian Doll – Heidi Muench

Rabbit – Eve Kovacs

Magician – Liz Russell

Hats & Canes – Lynn Ewig, Shelly Price, Annette Seifert

Production Staff

Director and Designer: David W. Keyte

Assistant Director: Mary Jo Snedaker

Musical Director: Karin Schreiber

Choreographer: Diane Remy

Stage Managers: Mark Tellen, Steve Schlehlein

Costume Design: Pat Von Rautenkranz

Light Design: Don Moos, Don Zastrow

Sound Design: Carter VonRautenkranz

Properties: Betty Segor

Co-Chairmen: Mary Montogomery, Pearl Haartman

Make-Up Design: Mary Braun, Nancy Spalinger

Master Carpenters: Walter Weimann, Ludwig Johst, Robert Gaurkee

Paint Master: Pal Scahill

Cover Art: Roger Lahm

Production Photographer: Rick Gustafson