Androcles And The Lion

Act One

A father, mother and two of their three surviving children drive from Newark, New Jersey to Camden to visit their married daughter, who has recently lost her baby in childbirth. Their journey is punctuated by talk, laughter, memories (some mundane, some happy, some painful), and appreciation of the Now – ham and eggs, flowers, family, sunsets and the joy of being alive. In this family drama, nothing much happens-and yet everything important happens. As Ma Kirby says, “There’s nothin’ like bein’ liked by your family.”

Act Two

Everyone knows this ancient tale of a runaway slave who stops to aid an injured lion, is recaptured, sent to the arena to be killed by the beasts, and is saved because of his random act of kindness. What you may not know, however, is that the tale is true! In the course of his research, author James Engelhardt found a translation of the ancient Roman tale that inspired both Aesop and George Bernard Shaw. It relates the eyewitness account of a man named Apion who actually saw the encounter between the slave, Androcles, and the grateful lion. “While the play scored high on the giggle meter, it also scores a high I.Q. because Engelhardt takes the high road to Rome, employing sophisticated language, complex characters (including three strong female roles), an endearing lion who doesn’t need to speak, intriguing conflicts and a bag full of surprises that end the play with an emotional domino effect.”


Act One

The Happy Journey to Camden and Trenton

Stage-Manager – Earl Hammett

Ma Kirby – Bernice Staples

Arthur – Michael Hammett

Caroline – Susan Schommer

Pa (Elmer) Kirby – Richard Ongna

Beulah – Peg Hollander

Act Two

Androcles and the Lion

The Lion – Robert O. Larson

Androcles – Arno Roehl

Megaera, his wife – Bernice Staples

Christian Prisoners

Karin Schreiber, Linda Steimle, Linda Fleck, Liz Hammett, Susan Schommer, Jolee Staples, Michael Hammett

Lavinia – Peg Hollander

Centurian – Robert Siebelink

Captain – Dan Wilhelm

Lentulus – Paul De Lair

Metellus – Bernard J. Markevitch

Ferrovius – Michael Moody

Spintho – Robert Kuehlmann

Ox Driver – Earl Hammett

Gladiators – James Molinda, Royce Stolzmann

Call Boy – David Cevaal

Editor – Edward Menz

Ceasar – Ralph Percey

The Menagerie Keeper – Richard Ongna

Production Staff

Director:  David C. Bryant

Set Design: Roger Lahm

Stage Manager: Kathy Pantzer

Production Manager: Richard Conrardy, Don Zastrow

Technical Manager: Henry Weinberger Jr.

Technical Director: John Brick

Costume Mistress: Marcella Held

Master Electrician: Roland K. Lorenz

Properties: Lilly Roehl, Carole Schmitt

Make-Up Master: Arno Roehl

Co-Chairman: Robert O. Larsen

Master Carpenter: Chester Hurtienne

Paint Master: Roger Lahm

Prompter: Elaine Jerving

Cover Art: Roger Lahm