A Lyrical Christmas Carol

Charles Dickens’ classic tale of fate and redemption is recreated on stage by STC this winter. Follow Ebenezer Scrooge as three ghosts of Christmas take him through the journey of his life, past, present, and future, to show him how the choices he’s made have resulted in his unhappiness and the misery he brings on those around him. This timeless tale shows that redemption is possible and that the milk of human kindness is the key to happiness.

A Lyrical Christmas Carol is Ken Gargaro’s adaptation of the Dickens classic that has been running at Pittsburgh Musical Theatre for 25 years! This version of the show uses period music, from the 19th Century and earlier. Come celebrate the season on stage with STC!


Ebenezer Scrooge



Bob Cratchit

Mrs. Cratchit

The Cratchit Children (Peter, Martha, Belinda, Young Bob, Tiny Tim, the latter can be played by either gender)


Mrs. Fezziwig

Fred’s wife

Fan, Scrooge’s sister


Dick Wilkins


Ghost of Jacob Marley

Ghost of Christmas Past (female or male)

Ghost of Christmas Present (male)

Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come (male or female, must be around 6′ in height)

Ensemble: Merchants, solicitors, Old Joe, Charwoman, Mrs. Dilber, carolers, children, Fezziwig’s party guests, Ignorance, Want, Fred’s party guests, London townspeople

Production Staff

Director / Music Director / Choreographer: Tom Berger

Set Designers: Steve & Sue Toepel

Lighting Designer: Pat Smith

Costume Designer: Bev Dulmes

Props Designer: Nan Gibson