The Dickens Christmas Carol show

In fog-shrouded nineteenth century London, miser Ebenezer Scrooge shuts out Christmas, which he hates. But on Christmas Eve the fearful specter of his dead partner, Jacob Marley, heralds the arrival of the Spirits of Christmas Past, Present, and Future — and Scrooge begins a journey that finds him wonderfully changed by Christmas Day morning. This skillful adaptation brings all the well-loved characters and scenes to theatrical life — Bob Cratchit and his family (not forgetting Tiny Tim), the Fezziwigs and their famous Christmas Eve ball, Scrooge’s delightful nephew and niece, as well as the phantoms and underworld characters. Carols interweave the action from Scrooge’s schooldays to the terrible warning predictions of his future. The tree-lit party climax reaches out to involve the whole audience and cast a joyful celebration of the true meaning of Christmas


Evenezer Scrooge – Dirk R. Milsted

Bob Cratchit – Michael Mc Govern

Fred Bennison – Clark R. Kirst

Charitable Ladies – Linda L. Brauer, Michelle Robert

Peter Greenlaw – David Pyawasay

Jacob Marley – Randall Elliot Stache

Ghost of Christmas Past – Peter Moody

Ben Scrooge – Brandon Rooker

Fanny Scrooge – Hannah DeGraaf

Kelly Keddle, the Fiddler – Sarah Pittner

Mr. Fezziwig – Tom Clegg

Dick Wilkins – Jonathan Delray

Emma Fezziwig – Mary Novak

Ebenezer (apprentice) – Logan Vander Wyst

Belle Christopher – Charlotte Quigley

Gerry Christopher – Kevin Delray

Ghost of Christmas Present – William R. Lund

Peter Cratchit –Paul Westdorp

Belinda Cratchit – Nadine Nack

Martha Cratchit – Kat Moungey

Emily Cratchit – Maria Giannopoulos

Tim Cratchit (Tiny Tim) – Daniel Nicla

Mrs. Cratchit – Jackie Blindauer

Mary Bennison – Sarah Pittner

Ignorance – Jayme Lynn Hansen

Want – Jon Cook

Ghost of Christmas Future – Deb Ristow-Zaka

Merchants – Michael Bennett, Robert L. Wade

Joe Snatchly – Neil Beaton

Mrs. Dilber – Lynn Schultz

Mrs. Gooley – Lorraine Selinski

Caroline Greenlaw – Tiffany Merriman

Boy in the Street – Kyle Lackey

Phantoms/ Spirits/ Orphans and Party Guests – Alexandra Blindouer, Zachariah Blindauer, Tiffany Decker, Rachel Develski, Alex Eissens, Hope Marie Foelske, Paiton Rae Foelske, J.J. Froelich, laurie Gabrielse, Martha Gabrielse, Katie Gamb, Hannah Gustafson, Dezeray Hansen, Olivia Harmelink, Marissa Jensen, Nancy Kelling, Jenny Klumb, Jessica Kolb, Sarah Kolb, Kristen Lackey, Tiffany Lappegard, Julie Masbruch, Tanya Masbruch, Kati McNight, Kelly Meschler, Sarah Nicla, Mallory Pautz, Cory Pyawasay, Kirsten Redding, Savannah Robisheaux, Kyle Rosenwald, Jennifer Schleinz, Michael Schmeiser, Sarah Schommer, Nathan Steele, Rachel Steele, Sarah Steele, Katelyn Webster, Jami Williams, Jenna Williams, Justin Williams, Christy Zimmermann

Production Staff

Director: Ralph Maffongelli

Musical Director: Janice Westphal

Stage Manager: Todd Jaeger

Asst. Stage Managers: Amy Eberhardy, Glenn Schultz

Set Design: Dustin L.Uhl

Costume Design: Bernard J. Markevitch

Light Design: Mike Aschenbach

Sound Design: Scott A. Heck

Properties: Karen Held

Make-Up Design: Lynn Schultz, Asst. Cathy Perronne

Master Carpenter: Don Held

Paint Master: Colleen Bertram


Organist: Janice Westphal

Violin: Karen Bruinooge