110 In The Shade

Lizzy Curry is a cheerful, thirtyish spinster, resigned to the fact that no man outside her family has ever loved her or found her beautiful. Her father, H. C. Curry, a rancher, and brothers Noah and Jimmy, are fiercely loyal and desperately determined to get her a husband.

A trip to Sweatriver, a nearby town in the parched Western country, hasn’t worked. Lizzie’s sharp tongue has driven off the boys. H. C. and the brothers try to persuade File, the sheriff and a matrimonial catch, to come to the picnic that day and take lunch with them. The cagey File senses a trap, and tells them bluntly he doesn’t want to get married. Resentful, Jim takes a swing at him and is knocked down in return.

At the picnic, Jim blurts out that Lizzie talks too seriously to men and should be smart and giggle and flirt. Bill Starbuck, an itinerant con man, comes up with his wagon and says he is a rainmaker and can bring rain to end the long drought which is killing cattle. Lizzie is scornful, but H. C. is taken in by Bill’s persuasive charm and gives Starbuck $100 to bring rain. Bill puts Pa and the boys to performing mumbo-jumbo to help, and Lizzie charges the con man is making a fool of them. When File comes by to apologize, Lizzie tries flirting with him, but he bluntly tells her not to be ridiculous. She’s humiliated and Noah tells her cruelly she might as well face being an old maid.

Then Starbuck works his magic on Lizzie. He persuades her to think of herself as a real woman—and every real woman is pretty! Beauty is inside you, and when you see love in a man’s eyes, you’ll be beautiful. He kisses her. At last she has confidence and glows. File is looking for a fugitive con man, and strongly suspects Starbuck is the man. But the Currys are grateful for what Starbuck has done for Lizzie and persuades File to let Starbuck go. Now File also senses beauty in Lizzie, and she has to choose between him and Starbuck. As the con man drives off, the rain falls. The fine songs include Love, Don’t Turn Away, The Little Red Hat, Is it Really Me, The Rain Song and Everything Beautiful Happens At Night.


File – Eric R. Johnson

Jimmy Curry – Dave Reinemann

Noah Curry – K. Alan Heling

H.C. Curry Peter Moody

Lizzie Curry – Nancy Rollag

Bill Starbuck – Tyrone Wesley

Snookie Updegraff – Beth Hoffman

Townspeople of Three Point

Angus McCray – Bill Beniger

Josie McCray – Kathleen Beuttenmueller

Toby – Justin D. Deehr

Maurine Toops – Ruth S. Dodds

Hannah Demby – Bonnie Jo Delray

Rev. Curtis – Joe Feustel

Sarah Jensen – Arletta Giese

Patrick McCray – Gregory Gruber

George Demby – Kevin Horne

Belinda Demby – Krysta Lizik

Mary Jensen – Vanessa Roskosch

Wally Curtis – Curt Schmidt

Tommy Barrow – Jon T. Schumacher

Mrs. Curtis – Mary Sprosty

Olive Barrow – Pat Sweeney

Alice Mackey – Mary Voigt

Production Staff

Director: Ralph Maffongelli

Designed by: Bernard J. Markevitch

Musical Director: Wayne Wildman

Stage Manager: Karen Irish Lutze

Assistant Stage Manager: Kathleen Beuttenmueller

Costume Design: Joyce Nery

Light Design: Don Zastrow

Master Electrician: Ken Rohde

Sound Design: Dick Pool

Properties: Betty Seagor, Lynne Zimmermann

Special Prop Construction: Phil Segor

Master Carpenter: Terry Kath

Paint Master: Lori Wilson

Cover Art: Roger Lahm

Production Photographer: Gene Schuttey


Wayne Wildman

Terry Hoard