What the heck is going on in December???

STC will be performing two different plays in December, You Can’t Take It With You and August: Osage County in what we theatre folk call “rotating repertory,” or “rep.” This means we’ll open show #1 on a Thursday; show #2 on Friday, then alternate them through the rest of the run.December Shows - Rotating Repertory

If you’re a reserved seat/night season ticket holder, you’ll have your ticket available for whatever show is performing the night you usually come. For the other show, you’ll receive a voucher that will be good for your ticket whenever is convenient for you to attend, as well as a complimentary ticket for a friend, as a “thank you” from STC for being so flexible for this experiment! Those two tickets can be applied to any night of the alternating show you wish. To accommodate both shows, we’ve added a Thursday night performance the first week and 2:00 matinees on both Saturdays of the run.

If you’re a Flexible seating season ticket holder, you’ll have your slots for all five shows set aside as usual, and you’ll also receive a voucher for your seat as well as a complimentary ticket to bring a friend to one of the repertory shows as a “thank you” for being so flexible for this experiment!

We know this may seem a little confusing and you may ask yourself why we’re attempting repertory (our blood pressure levels and hairlines are sometimes wondering the same thing); the simple answer is that these two plays, though they were written 72 years apart, go together extremely well. They’re similar cast sizes and set requirements, they both won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama amongst many other awards, they’re both about “quirky” families, and they’re both funny as well as touching. We know this is an ambitious choice, but we’re confident in our volunteers as well as our patrons that they’ll bear with us for this unique programming choice. Thanks, as always, for your support of STC and we promise to keep bringing quality theatre to Sheboygan as we have for the past 81 years!