Board of Directors

2017-2018 Officers

President: Kirt Graves
Vice President:
Treasurer: Maria Payant
Secretary: Jackie Blindauer

Board Members

Tiffany Bauer
Jackie Blindauer
Roman Draughon
Danielle Dyksterhouse
Kirt Graves
Michael Huibregste
Maria Payant
Randy Stache
Rich Tengowski

John Koehler, Business Manager
Tom Berger, Managing Director

Life Members (non-voting)
Kathleen Beuttenmueller
Ellen Cheney
Jean Deltgen Enking
Nan Gibson
Scott A Heck
Karen Herrmann
Bill Hoegger
Sandy Kasten
Terry Kath
Charlotte Koehler
Sue Krause
Ralph Maffongelli
Bob Margrett
Lloyd Reilly
Ken Rhode
Diane Sciarra
Lorraine Selinski
Don Zastrow
Phil Zimmermann

Life Members (In Memoriam)
Evy Hoegger
Peter Moody
Joyce Nery
Lynne Zimmermann

The Board, which meets monthly on a year-round basis, consists of 15 members representing a cross-section of the Sheboygan community. Terms are for three years, and five terms expire each year. No Director may serve more than two consecutive terms (six years) without an intervening period of at least one year.

Names of prospective Board members are solicited through public notice in The Company’s newsletter each spring. Nominations may also be made through petition. The Board elects new members at its May meeting and they take office on July 1.

Officers are chosen for one-year terms at the Annual Board meeting held in June. Officers include a President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

The Board votes on major policy decisions regarding the direction the theatre, shows, special programs, it’s employees, budget, bylaws, and fund raising activities.


There are committees that are charged with specific responsibilities in the operation of The Company.  Committee members need not be board members. The Chairperson of each committee serves as liaison to the Board of Directors.

Long Range Planning: Responsible for generating policy and plans affecting future growth and development of the organization.

Budget: Develops annual budget and coordinates all fund-raising efforts. This committee must include the Treasurer, Business Manager and three Board members and may include additional members.

Program Planning & Development: Recommends a slate of productions for each season for Board approval develops and recommends new programs for Company sponsorship. Hires directors, music directors and choreographers. Both the Production Manager and Stage Manager serve as voting members of this committee.

Nominations/Board Development: Recruits, evaluates, and recommends new board members, board positions.  Recommends awards to the board with staff input.  Evaluates scholarship applications and recommends recipients.

Marketing: Works with and advises staff responsible for marketing and maintains the branding.

Executive: Sets agenda for the board meetings.

Fund-Raising Projects Committee: Presents fund-raising plans to the board of directors and recruits volunteers to complete these projects.